DMCA requests and VPN’s

DMCA.  Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Have you ever downloaded a movie, song, TV show?  If so, chances are you are breaking the DMCA.

The DMCA was enacted to criminalize the downloading, possession or dissemination (uploading) of copyrighted material.

Chances are, you have been guilty of doing this in the past or are still active in downloading these kinds of materials.  Studies have shown that nearly 70% of active internet users have either downloaded copyrighted material in the past or still actively do so.

If you get caught, the fines for downloading copyrighted material can end up in the millions of dollars.  Hard to believe, but there are several documented court cases of this happening.  The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) are the main culprits in hunting down illegal down-loaders and having them charged or having their internet cut off.

These organizations are smart.  They go after random, normal people like you and me instead of hitting the heavy-duty pirates that you would think they would target.  The reason is that they feel that if news gets out that an ‘average joe’ has been charged and sued for several million dollars, it will stop many people from downloading.

And they have been quite successful.  People are more and more aware of the pressures and consequences of downloading copyrighted material and many have stopped and others have found ways to hide their tracks while still downloading.

A lot of people don’t realize that it is actually very easy and pretty cheap to cover your tracks while downloading copyrighted materials so that you can’t get caught.  Using a good VPN service is the key.

A VPN service that you can trust enough to cover your tracks while downloading isn’t free.  Don’t fool yourself by doing a Google search and finding all kinds of free services online.  The truth is they suck and not only are they offline more than they are online, they just won’t protect you.

Use a good VPN service like Torguard to protect you  from prying eyes.  With a promo code from a site like, you can purchase an annual VPN service from a site like Torguard or ExpressVPN or others for under $5 per month.  If you download just one movie or a couple of songs per month, that fee more than pays for itself and you don’t have to worry about getting nailed with a multi-million dollar fine.

Like I said earlier, don’t fall for the free services.  They simply will not protect you and will leave you with a false sense of security, thinking you are safe when that is simply not the case.  You really have two choices – stop downloading copyrighted material or subscribe to a VPN service that has no logging so that your downloading and browsing is hidden.

Personally, I chose the latter.  I don’t download a lot to be honest and what I do download I mostly buy on blueray later if I like it.  And even though I only  download a few things per year just to check them out when IMDB or Rotten tomatoes reviews don’t give me enough info, I am more than happy to pay the price for my Torguard subscription just to know that I am safe.

Video explanation of DMCA Takedown notices:

So do what you want, but in the end, you need to know the consequences of your actions.  I choose to be cautious and at least I can sleep at night knowing that the odd things I download isn’t going to end up costing me a million dollars.  I can afford the few dollars/month a lot more than I could afford that fine so I am good with my decision to use Torguard VPN.  You just need to decide where your comfort level is and choose your options.  Carefully.